The London history site – more than just pubs

I thought it about time to get a blog running. I spend far too much time on an old style pub history site, which is quite boring at times. I need to get out more, and as I love London, and I can be in Central London in less than an hour, why not start this site!

And, nothing is yet confirmed, but I may have more time to do this very soon. C’est tout!

Anyway, in the meantime, I am busy adding a host of London historical data to the above pub history site. Currently I am adding 1808 and 1833 pubs residents. it is incredibly time consuming to do this, and eventually creates a list of landlords for each historical pub page. It is very useful, but completes with an incredibly boring looking page.

Add an image or two, the page gets better; and maybe some detail on how the address has changed over time, it starts to get better, but still lacking in any form of excitement.

So, my next plan is to detail all of London eventually, in this blog. Maybe!

I have a list of beer retailers in 1942 I am building, this is similar to one I have for 1944, and 1938. Most of these addresses are not listed on the pub history site as they are off licences or local grocers. I may just find them in London, maybe not.