Can you help with pub & railway stations pictures?

I am placing a request to everybody. I have no idea whether anyone reads any of my blogs, or visits any of my sites, but hey ho.

I am looking for any pictures of any railway stations, either underground, or over the top. I do not yet have the time to visit all of these. But, I will. This is to add the the accessible rail travel site.

I am also looking for pictures of any of the modern pubs which are listed in my 2018 listings. My records only go to 1944, which is a bit rubbish, and I need to slowly add any other pubs. I know this sounds rather extreme, but I just do not have anything for the modern pubs that abound, specifically in London.

I have lots more requests, as eventually I would like to map the entirety of London with pictures, but this is a dream I can look forward to!


The London wiki has started, but this blog is retiring

I think the title says it all. I have started on my biggest project so far. After spending 15 years building the pub history site, which is amazing, I am now starting the london wiki site.

The new site was started today, at the same time I cancelled the subscription to this blog! It has been a good blog, but expensive. I can do similar on my server anyway.

Back to london wiki, there are just two partial pages, as I have added on my first day. I am not great at writing articles, but these are not bad.


London wiki

I have yet to decide as to whether to keep this blog, I chatted to the happy people on the site earlier today, and this was quite useful.

I did take them up on one suggestion, and added affiliate advertising for amazon to a number of sites during the day – not the blogs. These can be added later, as I see fit. I do use blogs to drive traffic towards a specific site rather than being the informer.

Anyway, I have now; or am in the process of, adding a new site / blog –

I have so much data, i.e. thousands of pages of information, and well in excess of 50 thousand pages. Much of this is related to London, and its good, even it it does not look particularly interesting.

I also have a couple of ‘good’ spare domain names, and I must build a mobile-only  web responsive website to get an idea of what I can do with this.

Enough. The pub history site continues to grow.


London tube, crossrail & accessibility

Another new London site is on the horizon. Well, it is actually not a new site, just a rebuild on something I have been passionate about for a long time. Access for all.

Some years back, I built a site about all of the London transport stations, in London, obviously; and with particular relevance to the accessability to the London tube network. This was about the same time that Channel 4 were running a series of reports on nogobritain, and I initially named the site

What is also interesting is that I was never contacted by anybody who had the same interests, even though I clearly showed my levels of interest, perhaps I did not do a very good job in this – who knows.

As often happens, I eventually included this site into my pub history site, it’s very easy for me to do this, I have done it many times.

Anyway, back to the present. We now have Crossrail coming sometime in the next 12 months or so, after considerable problems in being ready on time. Exciting times for the London rail network.

I have revisited my accessible rail site, and re-branded it as; and I am now finally starting to actually visit some of the stations, of which there are a lot, and  linking into my other London sites about street directories (mostly historical) and pub history, etc etc.

The site remains a tribute to Andy. Andy is a family member, and also the Godfather to my eldest child, long past that stage. For this reason, although the site pages need a considerable update, I will make this site as interesting to the entire community who use the London rail network, with particular relevance to those with accessibilty issues.

Enjoy, and feel free to contact me with additional detail, pictures, etc.


London history web sites & stuff

I have a number of web domains and I have just been moving some web pages about, a a bit like readjusting your document folders, well fairly similar.

I actually do this quite a lot, and sometimes  lose track on what domain names / web sites I actually own and what they are for. so, here goes – a list on the 21st February 2019.

Main sites are : is my London & South East pub history site. is a pub history site for the Midlands & North – I don’t use this at present. –  a site about Southwark taverns etc – a site about early coffee houses and taverns  – not sure what I use this for, not a lot. – this is now again my Accessible rail travel in London (nogobritain) – this is something to do with London rivers, mostly hidden – My London street directory site – a small useless pub wiki – probably drop this one – drop this one

I think this is all of them – several more. – World war one stuff (originally two sites)  – The Cosford database – my tree and stuff – another one about to go

Now, I think that’s all of them

One more – currently a blog about london pubs, not a great one





pub history site audit

It’s one o’clock in the morning, and as is quite normal, I have been standing and staring, and thinking about how to proceed with my many history web sites.

Simple, I need an audit of what I currently have.

I know there re about fifty thousand web pages on my main pub history site. I know this from the sitemaps I produce, I just have little idea of what they refer to!

I have been building the pub history site /s for the past thirteen years, and this number excludes the midlands and northern pubs I list, although these are not any where as good as the London & south area for content.

I have just finished a major update for the St Pancras area of London, with many thanks to Ewan, who runs the pubology site about London pubs. I suggested this update would take me a month, but added it in about three days.

I am also waiting for a good book on creating a decent mobile responsive web site, i.e. mobile friendly. This is probably my main concern at present, and I want to have a go at doing it myself.

Tomorrow, I start an audit, and probably more files around between sites.

Here is a rather excellent pub history site, although i say it myself.


City of London parish pubs

If you are interested in early London, you will share my passion for being in London. Not in the modern, busy hustle, but imagining what the place was like before, a long time ago, but at the same time sharing in the city that calls itself London, and rarely sleeps.

I had a brief glimpse of this today, enjoying an afternoon tea near to the Tower of London. This was after having wandered along parts of Oxford street, and a coffee near to the new BBC building. It was also cold, to my mind, and therefore I was treated to a nice new coat, just an observation.

I spend large parts of my time wandering through London, and looking at a modern coffee house, or whatever it may now be, and imagining whether it was previously a pub, or some other old building. It doesn’t matter, as long as it is not a modern piece of architecture.

But, saying this, I marvel at some of the strange shapes forming Londons outline these days, including Gherkins, Shards etc. I am sure you know what I mean. Our entry to London was also on the lookout for the new Elizabeth Line trains. I did see one, but was unsure as to how this train continues on towards Heathrow, maybe a story for another time. Crossrail is amazing, and I am proud to see it happening.

Back to history, I spent large parts of the week working through the 1911 St Sepulchre All hallows census, just looking for pub entries, and updating the site appropriately. That’s what I do, boring as it may seem or look.

Here are many of my updates to the many City of London parish pubs, and I think I have managed to get them all in the correct parish. All in 1911, but all with lots more history added.