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Angel, Islington – a bit more

A random post tonight. Just for clarification, as you will see, the Angel is actually in Clerkenwell, apparently.

About 15 years ago I started to rebuild a pub history site for Essex. It was obviously the Essex pub history site, and not my site. The original owner, Ian Pubby Hunter had died, and it was a brilliant site which needed saving, that’s history now.

A friend of mine, Colleen, helped me in rebuilding this site, and also along the way as I started to add new areas, like London. I still have a plethora of images for pub history of all areas, including London, which have been stored away for a number of years.

Tonight, I found an image of the Angel, Islington in 1819. Apparently, and according to my informative page of detail, this was the date that the pub, the Angel,  was actually rebuilt.

That sounds like a good enough reason for posting, although I am not repeating all of the useful stuff on the page, although I am sure some moron will copy and paste the same into a blog.

The Angel,

Enjoy, and thank you Colleen.

A quick update on the 1832 / 1842 London street directory

I have been updating the London 1832 street directory again today, for about 14 hours so far tody. I am currently working backwards from Y, and now working on S. I am completing each letter for the quite inferior 1832 directory listings, and also adding 1842 images for ten years later which give considerably more trade detail etc.

I cannot believe the number of mistakes in the 1832 Robsons directory, I mean serious mistakes all the way through the directory. It is still an useful listing. As I have been working through this street directory listing the errors have become more and more apparent – I am not the greatest at proof reading; but this directory is really quite bad!

Anyway, nearly the entirety of S is now online, including many of the 1842 images, including the likes of  Shoreditch High street, all the Smithfields, East, West, Lower etc; and Shadwell. It all starts to look rather good, and I am jolly proud of this.

Meanwhile, our tortoise, Fenton, has decided it looks like winter is coming and did not wake today. He has had a brilliant year this year with me being around all the time, and has doubled in size. I believe a tortoise does not just work on temperatures, but has a natural barometer built into his body system. A PhD suggestion for someone!

I will complete the London trip of the bridges at some stage, as there are still a lot which have been missed from the last post.


London 1832 street directory of London

I seem to be getting there slowly, if this makes sense. I cannot believe how long it is taking me to add a solitary street directory of London.

It will be useful once I have added this, and images of the 1842 street directory which give a considerable amount of detail as regards trade details for a street.

I am also adding links from this 1832 directory to the relevant pubs at the time. You can then see where these pubs addresses changed through time as street renaming took place in all of London to remove common street names.

Anyway, I am working through letters C & G at present, and all will be complete soon, mehopes.



Islington 1832 street directory

I have been building a new historical directory of London for the past week or so, and this includes the entirety of the 1832 Robsons directory which is one of the earliest directories which names the various public houses. It does not name them all, but it’s not bad. It also gives very little detail of the trades of the other people in the listings, and this is to my advantage, as it is therefore a lot less typing!

I am slowly adding the 1842 Robsons directory images to the pages which do convey a lot more detail about the general trade of a street, and the traders concerned.

This post is about Islington, or Islington High street,  as it is aptly named in the directory. The listing is very long, and quite difficult to follow. I therefore left this to quite late in the day to work on. What I have done is to compare with the 1842 and 1856 street directories to split the listing in half. Apparently, in 1856, there is a North side and a south side; later it becomes ll sorts of roads, but that you can see from the listing.

I am yet to add 1842 imagery to these listings, but I have been working on this for the best part of 14 hours today, maybe longer. A job for tomorrow. I am also getting used to Vapes, those things that involve nicotine without the tar input, and I have been quite successful today, and tomorrow I will have another go at killing off this awful habit.

Back to Islington. After splitting the street directory into two halves, I the have added links to the many public houses along this street. The first were in Clerkenwell! How can 1 Islington High street be in Clerkenwell? Well, it is.

And so on. For example, as you will see, the modern address for may pubs which had an early street address of Islington High street are now in Essex road. And, I am sure many have had their names changed many times in recent years, or been pulled down, or turned into residences etc. I live in a time zone which is largely enveloped into the history of an area which includes historical census up until 1911, and trade directories until about 1944; I don’t have much detail on the modern times (the last 75 years). Its what I do.

Anyway, enjoy the entirety of Islington in 1832 and some links to slightly more modern ages. Feel free to visit the advertising links, they help me pay for the many sites I run

Islington North & South