Fulham pub history

An interesting couple of days updating the early pub history of Fulham. It is not complete, I never complete an area, as I cover far too much, but it has had two full days of my time or maybe more.

I think of Fulham as being a very expensive area to live, I believe I am correct. I was surprised as to how many of the modern multi-million pound properties that are, or were, pubs; were in actual fact just a beer house. There were originally mostly beer houses in this area, and I am presuming they were serving the local barracks and the gas works. I have not researched this in detail, just the pubs.

I still have a few more updates to do, and move a couple of properties from Hammersmith back to Fulham, with relevant updates.




Hammersmith or Fulham – where are we?

I have spent the last day or so updating the Hammersmith & Fulham 2018 pub listing. This is fine, and most of the pubs I have added detail are in Fulham.

Then we move back to 1871. Drum roll. I started adding detail to the Hand & Flower in Fulham, and then noticed a similar listing in Hammersmith! Damn.

If I get it wrong, I will be inundated with people complaining I have it wrong! They never add detail when it is correct.

I will look at this tomorrow, but not sure where to take this.