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Battersea east SW8 & SW11 pub history & the London 1832 street directory

Another long day of updates. I have been having issues with a certain old microsoft web designer which keeps crashing, and I have started to use a rather nice web designer called Brackets at the same time. It does not provide the WYSIWYG that I need but it does lots of pages without crashing very few minutes, brilliant; it is an html editor in code rather than “What you see is what you get”.

The London street directory continues to grow, and I have added and updated a whole host of streets starting with the letter B, e.g. Bishopsgate etc. I have not yet added the 1842 images, but I will. More streets starting with B to come still.

I continue to check where I am in google search and this is at about #22, which will improve. My pub history site is also at #4 for the same search. That is not bad for a an individual to be #1 for pub history in google and #4 for London street directory. It just does not pay any bills, sadly. Not that I have any specific issues.

I also received a plethora of Battersea pub history images from one of my brilliant contacts. Wow is the word, anything from 1870 to 1970, and these are slowly being added to the relevant pages, all in Battersea east, or SW8 and SW11 as modern post codes seem to work. Plus the road street name changes are being added as we speak.

This is nice, the Locomotive.

One last note, I noticed that my records of some of my early research have never really been used. I may post some of these on the street directory site as listings for an area; I have lots of research for Battersea which has never been published, and loads more for everywhere else, too!

I still have more images to add tonight, even though I seem to be working very long days since retiring!



Belton street & Endell street London pub history & street directory

This is an important use of the new (OLD) London street directory I am adding for 1832 with images of 1842. It sounds simple, and it is, but it works very well with all of the research I have been working on for the past fifteen years, along with many others.

Yesterday, I was adding Belton street, in Long acre. It quickly resolved to the Cross Keys, a modern pub now listed in Endell street; and looking at google maps etc, it is still open.

The query was where all the other pubs were – lots of them? The first part was simple, as Belton street was widened and renamed to Endell street in around 1846. If you are not interested in early Victorian pubs, then read something else.

The 1832 directory named several other pubs, and the 1842 directory also mentioned a beer house. After some work through early census records, many of which have been researched years previously, I managed to add a number of early Victorian pubs to my St Giles listing. Well, I was impressed; and excited by the whole days outcome.

All research is now on the various sites which I run about pub history, London history, well any history really.

The good news is that I am starting to move up the rankings for “London street directory” search in google search. The pub history site is #4, and the London history site is currently #18. This is pretty impressive as I do not use any maps, just good old text.



London 1832 directory & mobile

Well, I am continuing to build my new site for London history, and I checked it for the first time tonight in a mobile. I have one, but rarely turn it on; it is usually charging up for when I need it! It is actually one of the cheaper options, and does run out of battery within 24 hours, and does just what I need it to do, i.e. check my sites.

Anyway, I was mildly pleased (actually I was gob-smacked) at the look and feel of the site which hosts the street directory for 1832, along with 1842 images of the street directory plus a more modern 1921 directory for about 500 pages. It’s getting there! The pages link to my extensive pub history site to give a clearer understanding of address changes through time. The pub history site is #1 in google for pub history – it is that good.

The site will take me a few weeks longer to get most of the detail added, and then I can rethink what else I would like to add. This is the power of being retired, I get to choose where I spend my time.

I will continue with this site, it’s a winner.




Early London pub history & 1832 street directory

As you may know, I write sites about pub history. I am always looking to find new ways to advertise this, and to be honest, I often struggle to find the pubs I am searching for. This is not the fact that they are not on the site, just with a differing address; or sometimes the search engine just cannot find the pub.

Over the past few weeks or so, I have been looking at early street directories of London . My idea of an early directory was in 1839, now I am looking at 1833, 1811 and 1805 etc. All these directories are pre-Victorian, i.e George III was on the throne from 1760 to 1820; then George IV until 1820; and William IV until 1836.

And with this in mind, and the fact the search engine on the site often struggles to find early addresses in London, why not create an early street directory? It is a great idea, and keeps me busy in my retirement! Plus, there are very few sites in which you can search by pub or address, usually just surname.

As usual, most people would think this is mad, but this is what I do.

So, the site is building slowly, and it will take a few weeks / months / years; but here is an excellent example – Borough High street, Southwark.

More in a few weeks.


London Holden commercial directory 1811

Well, it is 1.53 in the morning, and I usually fall asleep on the computer about this time of morning. I think, I don’t actually know the time I fall asleep!

The Holden directories of London are rather special. They are really early, and also list lots of victuallers, wine and brandy merchants, named pubs etc etc. This is quite rare for early directories.

The only thing I am not sure about at present is whether the year is actually correct. I know most directories are a year out of date. The Holden directories are strangely organised, and I do not have an answer to this at present.

What has become apparent when searching on some of the very early entries, is that Whitechapel can mean Aldgate; there is no special code to work out where a public house or victualler is; and the addresses are also often quite short in detail.

The beauty of my pub history site is that there is masses of detail already added by myself, and Stephen and Ewan – particularly for these early entries, and this new detail can be compared to see if there is a pattern.

And life goes on, but with a better understanding of early London publicans and licensees, and also I am always looking  to add those long lost streets and pubs that disappeared two centuries ago.

Anyway, i am still awake, and its 2.01 am; and enough for tonight.

London street directory 1919 or thereabouts

There is a new site which is building, along with many other sites. It is simple, it is a street directory of London from the 1921 directory, which is always a year out of date, so about 1920; and next year is 2019.

So, a site is growing, which is which lists street detail for the last hundred years, and should be ready by 2019. That is the background detail.

This new site will initially list street directories, and links to pubs and previous pubs in that timeline or earlier. Then it will move on to list details of street name changes over that time period. Well, that is the current plan.

Excited? Every time I research any of this form of data, it is nearly always on a purchaseable ebook. This is all very well, as people have spent their own time creating this data, but it is NOT in the public domain. There are also many freely available ebooks which are sold by people, I should do this too, but I cannot  be bothered.

I am aware that everything I post is stolen by others, hey ho, it’s the internet age.

BUT, I am certain that this site will make a difference, eventually, somewhere. And one of the people I have helped out will come back and click on some of my advertising links. You can only live in hope.



The problems with a London history & pub history search engine

I run a few sites, including a major pub history site and others.  These all have a search the PUB … entry at the top of the page. Simple, but true.

My colleague John often complains that these search pages are riddled with advertising, and also that he can never find what he is looking for, even if he know what he is searching for! John is one of my major contributors for the site, and has many pages and images attributed o him.

Simple answer. The search engine is powered by google, and covers multiple sites which I choose, and is pretty amazing in this fact. BUT, it is a simple search, which first looks at the latest pages added to the site/s. So, for example, if I added a whole host of pages for the entire London 1843 directory, some hundreds of pages, this would overload the new search engine as the latest pages added to the site/s – which it does.

The fact is any  and all older pages are virtually ignored by the search, this is rubbish.

The point I am attempting to get to is that one page on a blog, written well, can equate to 50,000 web pages, in the google search engine, and this is entirely wrong, and seriously warped. I think google needs to look at is search parameters carefully. In the meanime, I will be writing lots of blogs , methinks.