pub history stats – but not mobile

I have been proud for some time to say that I do well in google for the search term, pub history. I should point out that I believe that I am deserved of this rating, even if my pages are boring – 3.7.

Looking at responses through the advertising says something different, and although I just about cover costs from desktop users (oldies, like me); the vast number of mobile users find little of interest in the site /s. I believe.

I have just bought a decent guide on mobile web design by O’Reilly, which I am sure will point me in the right direction of redesigning a site – their books are usually pretty good.

I have been thinking about the design for some time, and I would really like to create some form of framework to build a site each time rather than the ad-doc approach I currently use, and shit Microsoft sharepoint designer software. I have an ubuntu linux desktop waiting to be used, too.

I do not really want the data in a database, although we are talking about thousands of individual records,. I don’t particularly want to use php as a scripting language.

Thinking back to earlier design builds, they used a flat file system of configuration files. Maybe this is an answer?

I think the important point is keeping files small, for web development, and also to allow me to work with massive data, i.e. fifty thousand pages of data, and thousands of images, as the site currently stands.

Maybe I will try this out on a smaller site, of a subset of pages. But then this defeats the object.

More tomorrow, or the next day. I plan to put something different inĀ  place later this year, and will succeed.



I’m never going to be rich, but my sites are fantastic

OK, the story is in the heading. I have been building web sites, good & bad, for about 18 years. The idea was that this would be my pension top-up, apparently not the case. This is not surprising as there are some billions of people out there who also have the same idea. There is also China who steal and copy what they cannot create; probably like the rest of the UK, and the world.

Anyway, along the way, I have built a few sites which are not bad. I always trend in the top ten for pub history, and more recently for London street directory, these are my main identifiers.

I have been let down by google adsense over the years, I believe, but have stuck with this process for a long time. It is simple, and just works. I like a system which is painless, and just does what it should do. It covers my costs for running my own web server, just about.

So, why do I do this? I spend vast amounts of hours updating pages, and building web sites, etc. I could stop any time, and just stare at my phone, like the vast majority of people who need that recognition.

Why do I do this? Because I want to be Number 1, or in the top ten, or just recognised for doing something nobody else can do. Its a recognition thing.

Or whatever.