Bethnal Green pubs, E1, E2 or E3

Most Bethnal Green pubs are in E2, this is the post code district for those who do not understand the system.

I am nearly completed on adding a simple post code to all Bethnal Green pubs & beer houses etc.

The next step, for all of London is to create an index page for all of the post codes, e,g, E1, E2, EC1, etc etc.

What did hold me back for a while was that a new site was refused advertising by google ads because it was a scaper site, well it isn’t, but I am going to do what I want to do on my sites anyway, so bog off!

I do rely on advertising to pay for my sites, and if they do not at least cover the costs, I will just remove everything – I am sure I have done this before.

More to come sometime, and as you can see, I don’t actually do this for money, just charitable scraps.



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