Cancellation of London history blog

I have just cancelled this blog. It stops in March 2019 sometime, as it is too expensive. It costs me £84 a year which is way above what it is worth. It seems quite simple to cancel, which is good.

But, it is a nice blog.

I do have my own web server on which I can write as many blogs as I like for the additional cost of a domain name, i.e. about £10 a year. Many of these new blogs are slowly being altered back to web sites, as I can write a complete web site on the same domain, often my preferred option.

I do have a considerable number of separate web sites which I could build quite easily. They are not necessarily good web sites, which is where I suffer. Most of my web sites do not look very good on a mobile platform,  i.e. they are not web responsive.

That’s it really at present.






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