City of London parish pubs

If you are interested in early London, you will share my passion for being in London. Not in the modern, busy hustle, but imagining what the place was like before, a long time ago, but at the same time sharing in the city that calls itself London, and rarely sleeps.

I had a brief glimpse of this today, enjoying an afternoon tea near to the Tower of London. This was after having wandered along parts of Oxford street, and a coffee near to the new BBC building. It was also cold, to my mind, and therefore I was treated to a nice new coat, just an observation.

I spend large parts of my time wandering through London, and looking at a modern coffee house, or whatever it may now be, and imagining whether it was previously a pub, or some other old building. It doesn’t matter, as long as it is not a modern piece of architecture.

But, saying this, I marvel at some of the strange shapes forming Londons outline these days, including Gherkins, Shards etc. I am sure you know what I mean. Our entry to London was also on the lookout for the new Elizabeth Line trains. I did see one, but was unsure as to how this train continues on towards Heathrow, maybe a story for another time. Crossrail is amazing, and I am proud to see it happening.

Back to history, I spent large parts of the week working through the 1911 St Sepulchre All hallows census, just looking for pub entries, and updating the site appropriately. That’s what I do, boring as it may seem or look.

Here are many of my updates to the many City of London parish pubs, and I think I have managed to get them all in the correct parish. All in 1911, but all with lots more history added.





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