London pub history & where do I go next?

As I often post, I have spent the last 18 years adding and updating random sites about pub history.  Every time I add an new set of pages, usually in quite a high magnitude, i.e. in the thousands, my revenue from the sites decreases!

There are currently 50 to 100 thousand pages about London, London pub history pub history in the UK, London street directories, London people working for the LCC in the first world war, pages on the state of disability at London train stations, London pubs in 2019, London streets in 1818, 1832, 1842, all of the London pubs which existed in 1899, including beer retailers, and links. And a whole host more.

The pages on the pubs look boring, but they are an essential requirement on tracking the history of an address, in summary.

What the f### do I need to do to make the site more interesting?  I could write a blog, a few lines about an area, but then if I change sites at some stage, they manage to lose the database which this is stored in.

I could try alternative sites and site names, but these are difficult to manage. It is difficult to manage multiple web sites at the same time – trust me on this.

Where do I move forward?

My web hosting site has been trying to get me to update my site, they tell me SSD is similar to an older drive, although their web pages tell me they are ten times faster, who does one believe?

The site/s are optimised for desktops, and not for mobile users. This is probably my downfall, but they are still pretty good. Maybe, this is where I need to spend some time, and delete all of the old sites which are clearly rubbish.





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