Angel, Islington – a bit more

A random post tonight. Just for clarification, as you will see, the Angel is actually in Clerkenwell, apparently.

About 15 years ago I started to rebuild a pub history site for Essex. It was obviously the Essex pub history site, and not my site. The original owner, Ian Pubby Hunter had died, and it was a brilliant site which needed saving, that’s history now.

A friend of mine, Colleen, helped me in rebuilding this site, and also along the way as I started to add new areas, like London. I still have a plethora of images for pub history of all areas, including London, which have been stored away for a number of years.

Tonight, I found an image of the Angel, Islington in 1819. Apparently, and according to my informative page of detail, this was the date that the pub, the Angel,  was actually rebuilt.

That sounds like a good enough reason for posting, although I am not repeating all of the useful stuff on the page, although I am sure some moron will copy and paste the same into a blog.

The Angel,

Enjoy, and thank you Colleen.


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