Camden pub history in London

I am currently working my way through the Camden pubs, and in particular those that I list in the 2018 directory listing for the Borough of Camden. I have identified most of these as in the St Pancras region of London, but a few appear to be in outlying areas of Middlesex, i.e. Kilburn and Hampstead. This is obviously according to my very outdated system of adding pubs to a feudal system of church parishes, rather than concentrating on modern postcodes, etc.

This has always been a difficult concept. Anyone can list the modern pubs, and where they are now (with a considerable amount of work involved in just doing this),  but to add all of the historical pubs in and around London gets more difficult by the day, as they close, or are renamed, or change church parish, or become a London borough, or for many other reasons.

So, I am currently updating anything I think  that should be listed as a Camden pub, which includes bits of Hampstead, Kilburn, and all of the St Pancras region.

I will get this right eventually, and I am adding a number of older pictures I have been storing away for this update! I think this latest update is correct for the Old Black Lion, in Camden – I have probably got this entirely wrong.




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