History of London in its evolution – on the way!

Later today, I am visiting some relatives who live in Chelmsford. Little do they realise that their new home is not that far from where my grandparents lived in the 1891 census, and my grandfather was actually born. My family, less their dad, were living in Romford ten years later, and in the same road for about the next 70 years.

I have long considered working from the census enumerator  to discover where my grandfather was actually born, and lived for a while, and listed as Moulsham district. The family had moved slowly from Suffolk, being agricultural labourers (posh word for peasant in many cases). I have lots of history tracing them back to Hemley, Raydon, Kettlebaston, etc.

In about 1890, Robert Wilding was born in the Moulsham district, and I discovered this way back, probably fifteen years ago. I now thought maybe I could refine this a little. It states they lived in Galleywood road (now the B1007), but this is quite a long road.

If you visit the properties listed nearby in the census, and remembering that the enumerator actually walks this, we have the following detail :

We have the Potteries in Wood street, Tile Kiln farm, Thrift farm, five Galleywood road properties including my Wilding family, and then Woodlands. Next is Bexfield cottages and Bexfields, and then properties near to the Running Mare.

The latter pub is still there, and easy to find. The rest is a little less distinct, until you find an old turn of the century map, e.g. at the NLS 

Here is a screen shot:


You can just about make out Tile Kiln farm at the top right, and Woodlands near the bottom, and to the left of this is Bexfields which is now the Clarendon House veterinary practise. My best guess is that they lived about where Russell green is now, and a few properties are shown, one of these is probably Thrift farm, maybe.

That’s it really, and I will revisit the area sometime in the near future, and perhaps find a few more maps which do exist.




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