slightly more London modern pub history & London street directories

Well, as you may have noticed, or not, I have moved all of the London street directory detail back on to the main pub history site. Alongside this I have also been looking on adding some up to date listings of pubs that are still open, just in London so far, and which were listed in August 2018 as being open and in business.

I did receive an interesting email about the Bricklayers arms in Devons road, Bromley; as it was not listed as being open when their relatives ran it in the 50s and 60s. Correct, I checked some of the later directories I had access to, and confirmed to myself that it had closed around 1938, and it was now under a block of flats – Bramble House. I also checked that it was correctly identified as the Bricklayers Arms, at 145 Devons road in 1911 for example. Again, correct. Interestingly there is the Devon stores at about 173, and this is not listed in 1938; this is incidental at present.

I then took a look at the BT Telephone directories, these run up until 1984, and to search for a pub you reverse the name, and search for Arms Bricklayers. Hey presto, in 1968 and 1984, a Bricklayers Arms is listed at 173 Devons road. Maybe the license was transferred. Later, armed with additional detail, I also searched the same directories for G L Thompson, and pinned this down as being the very same from at least 1950. so, there you go. The Devon Stores is rebuilt in the 1930’s and becomes the Bricklayers Arms by at least 1950. Apparently also known as Kitsons.

On to another story, looking for the Bloomsbury Tavern, a historic pub apparently, with an address of 236 Shaftesbury avenue WC2. Some hunting around my site, and with the use of some older street directories, it became aware that this was indeed correct, previously numbered 226 Shaftesbury avenue, and various other addresses prior to this, it was originally the Black Lion.

Just two pubs of the many thousands I have listed on the pub history sites, and that is just in London. Here is a modern listing of Camden pubs I am working through at present. All modern pictures welcome so that I can add those which are modern.




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