London street directory & pub history & google adverts

I am please to say that my two sites are doing well for the search term ‘London street directory’. They should be considering the amount of effort and time I have spent on my sites. I doubt they are the most exciting thing for most people to visit, but I am not looking for an outstanding site, just one that tells the truth. Two of my sites are in the top ten in google, pretty impressive.

I often search on pub history and the top search returns, and see some of the stories told by ‘usually newspapers’ who advertise the ten or fifteen oldest pubs in London. It is the usual regurgitated b###s with little proof of anything they can actually prove.

I am slowly adding the London 1940 directory at present, but occasionally take some time out to research other areas. I have spent the last couple of days in Banbury, Oxfordshire. I am quite amazed about the numbers of pubs, beer houses and hotels that existed in this market town at one stage in its life.

One mistake I made, well I think it was a mistake, I tried out an alternative to google ads to pay for the sites. I run my own server, and a number of individual web sites. Occasionally I add a new site, as I did recently with the site which is doing OK. The ads on this site do not appear to work any longer, hey ho, I can deal with this for the time being; but in my normal (or abnormal) presence, I will just drop the site if this continues forever, and move the content to a different site. This is one of my downfalls in planning, or lack of it. And as I say, hey ho!

So the new London 1832 street directory site is now my pubs history site; I have moved all of the pages. I was told by a certain advertising provider that the london 19 site broke rules, and was a doorway to my pub site, which I guess is true!

I am also the owner of which is well known, probably for the number of links to the site. This is a mish mash of stuff these days.

Onwards & upwards. Oh, and a flu jab costs less than a tenner at Tescos chemists and the service was great. I reckon  that was a good investment.


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