London street directory & pub history in 2018

I always promise to myself that I will add newer detail to my pub history sites. A while back I came across a free to use dataset, with no license restrictions, of the pubs that are in existence in August 2018. These are National listings, but I am currently working on just those in London.

The data comes from the food standards agency, and should therefore be of a high accuracy. There are just over 4400 open pubs listed, as in August 2018, in London Boroughs. I have therefore reciprocated these pages & data, already.

I though I would start to walk the walk through this data, to see what I already have on my pub history site, and more importantly, to see which areas I need to include in the London street directory. I have already spotted that there are bits of London which are not included, I should know this, as I live in one of these boroughs which was previously in Essex.

Other London boroughs which were previously in Kent, Surrey, Middlesex etc are a bit less clear to myself. My next updates are to include the Borough of Bexley, of which I know very little.

That’s it really. Updates continue.




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