A bit of background colour for the site

Absolutely nothing to do with pub history, part from the fact I needed the background to be a little more interesting than just plain white.

I googled the question, and came up with some really stupid answers, some bordering on people who should not post answers as they were not at all helpful, and downright rude.

What I did come across were two very useful sites, the first was about the gimp editor, which is free, and I will look at this site again.

The second, and brilliant site allowed me to create a background image in lots of different styles , and then download the example. The site was called http://bg.siteorigin.com/ and I did what I had set out to do. It was a very plain grey background image, I show it here, although I don’t know if you can actually see this.


I now need to work out how to add this as a backround image – this may work :

I altered the name of the image to greypaper.gif, and uploaded it to the site into the includes folder; and then added this detail to one of the web pages inside a <style>  and  </style>


Blimey, it worked once I edited it a bit. Well done me. I should point out that I spotted the errors by viewing the source code for the page – right click on web page in the browser, and view source code. The spaces were showing up as question marks, which I deleted in the page.

My next move is towards full blown linux web-site building. My site does run on a linux server, but I have always used Windows as a desktop. There is an very old piece of software which many people know, called frontpage, it then was renamed sharepoint designer 2007 – it just works. Unfortunately, it also crashes a lot, and I can wait for minutes for it to respond. I spend large amounts of my time waiting for this software to work properly, and guess it will get worse.

I am now looking for something similar which runs on linux. Any suggestions?



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