London pub history & address updates

Apparently, there are a number of pubs which have closed since 2008, maybe a quarter of all pubs. This is systematic of the property prices, and also supply & demand. I am not surprised. Many of the pubs I used to visit were awful. I always look out for a Wetherspoons pub if I want a decent pint and food, these days, anywhere I happen to be visiting in the UK.

I wonder what is the definition of a pub these days, anyway.

The pub history site lists pubs since at least 1832, and the addresses are often severely out of date. I am planning to start updating all addresses as I visit a page for a pub to its latest address. Even if this address is still up to 80 years out of date, hey ho!

I do pub history of an early address, rightmove does the later stuff, and considering they are making millions out of property, they ought to be sponsoring my site. Well, someone ought to be doing this. I continue to add later street directories for London

Me, I just keep slogging along with updating every day  about the history in a long gone era, which is far more interesting than the current valuations of a property.

Or maybe NOT.



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