London 1832 street directory is now complete, stage 1

I am proud to announce that the London 1832 street directory is complete, in the sense that I have finished transcribing the original Robsons 1832 London street directory, and is now listed street by street on my new site –

Also, all of the pubs listed should have a link to their historical reference page on the pub history site – I am guessing there may be a maximum of 5% of the pubs not linked, or maybe as low as 2%. That is stage one of this project complete.

For info, stage 2 is to add the entirety of the 1842 Robsons directory as image to each relevant page. Much of this has been done, but still lots to add.

Stage 3 is to add a mapping reference to each street, I have added a few, but this will take some time, I think. This links to the old Ordnance Survey maps of London being designed and referenced by NLS – National Library of Scotland.

Stage 4 is to look at the indexing of the site, and add a database friendly search which aids finding a street name, and the relevant pages. I may also build a mobile app.

The London 1832 / 1842 street directory is rather brilliant; and gets better every day.


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