London 1832 street directory and links to maps old and new

I think I am about to have a baby, and I am a a man, quite an old one at that. I have been in Brightlingsea this evening listening to the London Gospel community choir. They were absolutely amazing, and a rare find for such an off beat place in Essex.

Back to my baby. I have been thinking about adding some sort of mapping links to the London 1832 / 1842 street directory. I think a lot about this.

I have been researching a lot of what is already on offer by other providers, as I do not have the expertise to create anything like this, or the money, or the time.

If you visit any of my sites now, you will quickly become aware that I use a lot of text, i.e. my street directories are based on the occupants of a property at any time.

There is the brilliant ‘Locating London in 1746’ map which is fantastic, once you know where you are looking for, as  the map overlays the modern mapping with 1746 and about 1870 – this is brilliant.

Then there is the Scotland NLS (National Library of Scotland) maps. These are a bit random, and not greatly organised from their listings. But, once you do find a good map, and start to realise its potential to future research, the limits are infinity and beyond, or an old man about to give birth!

Here is a simple link, I hope it works. It should be a side by side desktop image of a mapping in about 1895 and today. I have chosen West Smithfield; and there are a number of pubs listed as P.H. as one does.

Here we go – West Smithfield 1832 London street directory with mapping data.


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