Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818

I thought I would share more detail on a new venture. The Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818 is fairly basic, and lists a few well known taverns and inns, and lots of wine & brandy merchants and lots of other trades.

What is brilliant, is now I can compare a street in 1818 with a street in 1832 and 1842 at the same time, and spot the matches. Its not always easy to match a wine and brandy merchant with a particular address, this makes it so easy.

Aldersgate street was a very good example. I only found a few matches, but hey ho.

There are a lot of the inns and taverns which are not listed in 1818, so it is far from perfect, but it’s another very useful tool; and its a great directory to have on the site and all alphabetical.

Obviously it is going to take me a while to add it, but then I have the time!



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