London pub history,London history and advertising

I have been looking at wordpress sites which allow advertising to work, this site does not, but hey ho.

I have a number of excellent sites which are well googled, i.e. i believe I am #1 for pub history, and 2,4 etc.  I have been running these sites for many years, older style web sites, but as I increase the pages the revenue is still virtually zero.

So, as usual, I make changes to the site pages, but I actually think that I am wasting my time; and google ads are not for me. I am therefore about to remove them from all of my sites.

The problem is that I also spend money running the sites. It is not a lot, but I run my own server, purchase a number of domain names, and also this blog site; plus I have other costs for some of my research costs, e.g. ancestry etc.

I am retired, so I am not actually earning anything, and I am not currently drawing my pension, yet.

The quick question is, what shall I do?

The revenue is insignificant, but nice to have. It is more than zero.

More tomorrow. In the meantime, I am removing google ads as a waste of time.





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