Bulls Head, 103 Hanbury street to 1940

I have been looking for a street to research, just a small street. The Bulls Head is in Hanbury street until about 1941; at number 103.

We already know quite a lot about the Bulls Head. It is in the parish of Mile end, and open by 1832 with an address of 13 Well street.

We know that it is at 25 Preston Street by 1864 and 13 Well Street in 1862 & earlier through road renaming. In the 1841 census, Abraham Buckey is the licensee and until about 1848. The address in the 1845 electoral register is 11 Well street. Prior to this is William Andrews in 1836 and H Turner in 1832.

By 1848, Henry Fox is the licensee until his death in 1859. His wife Mary Ann marries Edward Cooke and they continue on and she passes the license to Edward Cooke in September 1860 until at least 1866.

By 1869 a Thomas Badkin is the licensee until at least 1874. Arthur Tushaw is the next licensee in the 1881 census and from about 1876 until about 1886.

The address changes through this period to its latter address of 103 Hanbury street.

From about 1891 to 1898, an Henrich Scheerer is licensee, and then a number of licensees spend a year or two. In 1908 Henry John Aillud is the licensee until an early death in 1911 leaving a widow and young family. His widow marries George Collinson and they run the pub for another ten years.

Lastly are Solomon Hamberger, Solomon De Woolff and Herbert Basco from about 1934 until the pubs closure around 1941. There are still properties at this address in the modern google maps, but they are not dating back to the 1830s and could be modern buildings, the rest of the area has been heavily rebuilt, probably after World War Two.


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