London street directory search in google

I have been researching pub history for the last 18 years. It started with the Essex pubs site originally built by Ian hunter, which was pretty brilliant; I doubt if I keep it at this level.

I decided to add a few more areas in the UK, and specifically London, the Home counties and the South east; since when I also added many other areas around the UK. Some areas  of research are very basic.

The London history research was initially aided by Stephen Harris, he has added pretty much everything; and thousands of photographs. This research was later taken on by Ewan of Pubology fame. He added a whole lot more detail , and still does.

I also do research, update the web sites, add areas of interest and write blogs etc.

Actually, all I seem to do is update the London street directory site now; and my plans are for this to be #1 in google search, only #4 at present.

I am currently #1,2,4 & 5 for pub history in google. You would never know it, as I mainly get emails from ignorant peasants & companies.

Enough for tonight.




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