Mile end road pub history at its best, I am very proud of these two pages

It has been a long time coming. If I knew now what I never knew then, it would have been a lot easier. Over the years I have built up a swathe of directories from various sources, some borrowed, some purchased, some freely available online, others via online purchasable subscriptions. As years roll on, more directories have become available.

Now, in 2018, as I transcribe the London 1832 street directory, and also disembowel my copy of the Robsons 1842 street directory into megabyte sized images, I give you the pubs of Mile End road that were trading in 1832, two years before slavery was finally abolished. That is over “One hundred and eighty” years ago.

A number of people have helped me build this site, often with a much clearer idea of what they were talking about! I think these mappings over time just add to the fantastic contributions they have made.

Mile end road north & Mile end road South complete this story for now.

I add a picture of my “young” grandmother – Ethel Littlechild, at the top of this blog, a picture I found hiding behind a large photograph of my grandfather. She always inspired me, and this is for her.




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