1836 Pigots pub history in London & more London 1832 street directory

A whole day spent adding the Pigots London 1836 pub history directory to the site; well, I have added A & B so far.

I am now back to the 1832 directory and working through M streets, like Marylebone, for example. The problem with the pub history site is that it is quite boring to look at. It has a number of facts listed of landlords, but most people have minimal interest in this. A picture is always better, but this then just gets copied, as does much of the material.

To make a page of information more interesting, it needs to be something that is currently being searched for, e.g. where an early London street existed. It then gets a little more interesting to show a list of the buildings which existed at the time, and perhaps what the street became, e.g. through renaming  or rebuilding, or bombing etc.

So, in short, how do I make the pages more interesting? I cannot rewrite all of them, I currently have a lot of pages; and probably add another 20-50 pages every day on a number of various sites.

And updates are also added during this time, either provided by myself or many of the other contributors to the site.



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