Very early pub directories in London

Nearing the end of another long days research. My email became very busy due to the cold weather snap, and people getting back to their laptops, and researching their history; and I received a large number of updates over the weekend. Many thanks.

I am continuing to update the London 1832 street directory, which is going very nicely, thank you. I also continue to add 1842 images of the same street directory to the relevant pages. I  completed large parts of the letter B today, e.g. Bethnal green, Bishopsgate, Borough High street, Bow etc etc

Its now quite late, and I spent the last couple of hours looking at what is available in early street directories online. Ancestry, in which I have been subscribed for many years, just continues to get better. They now have a rather long list of directories to search. Not all of these are immediately apparent, and I have a [personal] page of links to the various directories.

I originally thought that the 1832 Robsons directory was the earliest street directory listing named pubs, and I was wrong. There are in fact two complete London Pigots listings in 1828 and 1829 which include the pub names; but you do need to search by surname only. I am guessing the type setter improved, i.e. the errors are less in the early Pigots directory – the errors in the 1832 Robsons directory are a joke!

You do need to work through the hundreds of pages looking at each entry to see if a pub is listed in these two early directories; and I cam not planning on doing research for other people. This research can wait a while.

On the last point, it is interesting on how many people email with a “I am researching a specific area, I have found so far that ‘then quote my research’ ; do you have any further research to add to my research”? Not all people are so lazy; but nearly all people calling themselves researchers are, especially those for TV programs!

In the meantime, I will probably start adding the 1836 pubs directory to the site in the near future, date not yet planned.



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