Battersea east SW8 & SW11 pub history & the London 1832 street directory

Another long day of updates. I have been having issues with a certain old microsoft web designer which keeps crashing, and I have started to use a rather nice web designer called Brackets at the same time. It does not provide the WYSIWYG that I need but it does lots of pages without crashing very few minutes, brilliant; it is an html editor in code rather than “What you see is what you get”.

The London street directory continues to grow, and I have added and updated a whole host of streets starting with the letter B, e.g. Bishopsgate etc. I have not yet added the 1842 images, but I will. More streets starting with B to come still.

I continue to check where I am in google search and this is at about #22, which will improve. My pub history site is also at #4 for the same search. That is not bad for a an individual to be #1 for pub history in google and #4 for London street directory. It just does not pay any bills, sadly. Not that I have any specific issues.

I also received a plethora of Battersea pub history images from one of my brilliant contacts. Wow is the word, anything from 1870 to 1970, and these are slowly being added to the relevant pages, all in Battersea east, or SW8 and SW11 as modern post codes seem to work. Plus the road street name changes are being added as we speak.

This is nice, the Locomotive.

One last note, I noticed that my records of some of my early research have never really been used. I may post some of these on the street directory site as listings for an area; I have lots of research for Battersea which has never been published, and loads more for everywhere else, too!

I still have more images to add tonight, even though I seem to be working very long days since retiring!




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