St Mary le Bow pub history and 1832 London street directory & bootstrap

As part of the research in building this 1832 / 1842 London street directory I start to find gaps in the early pub history research. It is all based on early church boundaries, as I list pub history areas inside this remit. It makes it more difficult to find a specific location on modern street maps, but it does have positives when looking at very early London street maps – my favourite map is in 1746.

One area I spotted today was in the Cheapside area, specifically Bow lane & Watling street. I found a rather excellent blog on the area which someone has spent some time mapping old and new; well, modern photos linking back to what the past may have been like.

From one 1832 street directory of Watling street, led me on a search through old census records and my own site detail, to add just one pub, the Crown Tavern at 7 Bow lane, Cheapside, plus the Crown Tap, at 73 Watling street.

The first address is listed in census for 1851 to 1871; and the latter address is only noted in directories. Both are probably the same, and I will leave this to others to confirm.

Latterly today, I have continued to add more detail to this London street directory in 1832, with additional images etc. I probably need to upgrade the quality of these images; but I also need to consider the next steps in using bootstrap web technology to make this an inclusive design for mobiles, and not just for my old desktop mentality.

I am not planning on redesigning the pub history sites any further, as they are too huge; but I can play with a smaller London street directory of just a thousand pages or so.

My next job, how to make the site mobile-friendly, i.e. responsive.



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