Belton street & Endell street London pub history & street directory

This is an important use of the new (OLD) London street directory I am adding for 1832 with images of 1842. It sounds simple, and it is, but it works very well with all of the research I have been working on for the past fifteen years, along with many others.

Yesterday, I was adding Belton street, in Long acre. It quickly resolved to the Cross Keys, a modern pub now listed in Endell street; and looking at google maps etc, it is still open.

The query was where all the other pubs were – lots of them? The first part was simple, as Belton street was widened and renamed to Endell street in around 1846. If you are not interested in early Victorian pubs, then read something else.

The 1832 directory named several other pubs, and the 1842 directory also mentioned a beer house. After some work through early census records, many of which have been researched years previously, I managed to add a number of early Victorian pubs to my St Giles listing. Well, I was impressed; and excited by the whole days outcome.

All research is now on the various sites which I run about pub history, London history, well any history really.

The good news is that I am starting to move up the rankings for “London street directory” search in google search. The pub history site is #4, and the London history site is currently #18. This is pretty impressive as I do not use any maps, just good old text.




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