A quick update on the 1832 / 1842 London street directory

I have been updating the London 1832 street directory again today, for about 14 hours so far tody. I am currently working backwards from Y, and now working on S. I am completing each letter for the quite inferior 1832 directory listings, and also adding 1842 images for ten years later which give considerably more trade detail etc.

I cannot believe the number of mistakes in the 1832 Robsons directory, I mean serious mistakes all the way through the directory. It is still an useful listing. As I have been working through this street directory listing the errors have become more and more apparent – I am not the greatest at proof reading; but this directory is really quite bad!

Anyway, nearly the entirety of S is now online, including many of the 1842 images, including the likes of  Shoreditch High street, all the Smithfields, East, West, Lower etc; and Shadwell. It all starts to look rather good, and I am jolly proud of this.

Meanwhile, our tortoise, Fenton, has decided it looks like winter is coming and did not wake today. He has had a brilliant year this year with me being around all the time, and has doubled in size. I believe a tortoise does not just work on temperatures, but has a natural barometer built into his body system. A PhD suggestion for someone!

I will complete the London trip of the bridges at some stage, as there are still a lot which have been missed from the last post.



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