London pub history & getting it correct

I had a rather angry email earlier today about a pub, the Boars Head, Fleet street and the various claims about Guinness being  available in the pub from a very early date, and being the first pub in England to provide this.

OK, after researching this claim on the internet, and then considering the relevant detail in this angry email, I actually agreed.

More importantly, as this is just an aside to this post, I the continued the research of this pub and changed the details quite a lot. I removed the detail which was clearly a wish list from the current pub at some stage in its life, well probably most of it.

I then went on to the most authoritive site for early pub history, the Access to Archives site. This threw up a weirdo record suggesting the Boars Head was actually in existence in 1441. That’s good enough for me.

Who cares whether Guinness were brewing here, this is an very early pub in London.

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