London 1832 directory & mobile

Well, I am continuing to build my new site for London history, and I checked it for the first time tonight in a mobile. I have one, but rarely turn it on; it is usually charging up for when I need it! It is actually one of the cheaper options, and does run out of battery within 24 hours, and does just what I need it to do, i.e. check my sites.

Anyway, I was mildly pleased (actually I was gob-smacked) at the look and feel of the site which hosts the street directory for 1832, along with 1842 images of the street directory plus a more modern 1921 directory for about 500 pages. It’s getting there! The pages link to my extensive pub history site to give a clearer understanding of address changes through time. The pub history site is #1 in google for pub history – it is that good.

The site will take me a few weeks longer to get most of the detail added, and then I can rethink what else I would like to add. This is the power of being retired, I get to choose where I spend my time.

I will continue with this site, it’s a winner.




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