London street directory in 1832, 1842 etc

I have been moving my targets away from pub history in the UK for some time, and largely limiting my studies on London. This is where my heart lies.

I unfortunately added the entirety of the London 1843 directory (95% +) over the past year; which completely killed my search engine. It appears the local search engine likes the latest pages added. So, I keep adding new pages, and this has been towards a very early 1832 Robsons directory of London. This early directory does not include my=uch detail of trades persons, except it is one of the earliest trade directories I have found which specifically names the pubs.

To make this directory listing more interesting, I have also been adding the images of the 1842 Robsons London directory. It is starting to look really good.

Although all detail is in the same search engine, I split the sites which were listing these new endeavours. The new site for London 1832 street directories is at

I will probably move the entirety of the 1843 London directory to this new site at some stage.

To be precise, and why I the occasional disquiet about the lack of revenues from the sites is that I could do a couple of hours of real work which would pay me the same as the hundreds of hours on the site updates.

I also have other issues with google advertising revenues and their search, I know they fiddle their figures, but hey ho. It’s life.

Importantly, the London street directory search now shows me at number 7 for the pub site, and number 18 for this new site. I expect this site  to be number 1 eventually in the not too distant future.



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