London pub history

Despite having the best amazing detail on pub history in London and around the UK; my sites struggle with being of interest to most people. I do understand that most people want a condensed history of a building, and I offer a lifetime of detail and licensees to prove a pub existed through time. They are also most interested in a picture of the pub, or a street scene.

There are also many sites which suggest a pub lived a few hundred years previously, even though it was on a completely different setting at the time, or was just a warehouse, or whatever.

I try and deal in facts, and most do not need this detail.

Then there are those who are interested in mappings of pubs, which is good. I tend to zone in on textual street directory listings rather than visual. Perhaps this is where I am making the mistake.

There are obviously major problems with how the pub history site portrays itself on the internet, and I need to make massive changes, or even delete the whole site and start again? We are also looking at two entirely different viewers,  those with a mobile phone (the young), and those like me on a desktop (the old).

The sites I am attempting to copy ,in design, as they look good, seem to be lacking on any historical detail, and more on what a pub is now, or now called. This is one of my major weaknesses, but my site is a historical site, and therefore allowed a certain amount of  leeway in this area.

I am not sure where to go next. BUT, every time I add new detail, my earnings from advertising seem to drop and I struggle to cover the costs of the site. After 18 years of building a brilliant site, I might as well walk away and spend my time down the pub!



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