Old bethnal green road through time and renumbering in 1875

I have been adding more updates for Bethnal Green, in fact I have nearly completed the massive update from Ewan who runs the pubology site. His site links to all the history of pubs through time on my pubshistory.com site; and he spends hours looking through old maps, and census etc to supply me with historic updates.

Part of the updates included matching the various beer retailers which existed and are not named in the directories, you find names for them in the census detail and other places, but the road numbering jumps about quite a lot. And, to make matters worse, the census numbering rarely matches that of the directories, sometimes it does.

So, I was thinking about using a road or street in London to make my first concept page on how I would like to correlate lots of detail on this one street or road.

Old Bethnal Green road fits this trend, and is also not too large to test this out on. so this is my first page using these ideas. You can view the various years between 1862 and 1875, and compare a couple of years at a time – and I am still confused! I will add some more over the next day or two, but I think the idea is great; and simple like me.

I won’t attempt to put the comparisons in a table format, as I am also attempting to make the site more mobile friendly, and therefore this just defeats the object.

So, Old Bethnal Green road renumbering in a nut shell. Currently without the pubs links added, but I will. Or just visit the very long list of Bethnal Green pubs through time.

I will also leave this page as it is, but the final pages will be on my new site london19.com on which I am building a massive database of early London streets, and currently updating London 1832 with every street or road listed in the Robsons directory. This is a labour of love, and also I rely on the odd adsense clicks to pay for my sites.

After all, I am retired now! Enjoy.


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