London street directory in search engines

I know this sounds very sad, but I live for the responses I get in search engines, particularly google. I also just checked out Bing to see how I am doing. Sad, but true.

I currently believe I am #1,2 6 and 7 in google for pub history. This sounds about right; it changes at different times of day depending on the google servers I am communicating with.

I am also trying to build a presence for the search ‘London street directory’, and I am doing pretty well, roughly about #6 for my pub history site & #26 for the newer London19 site; both in google. This will improve over time, the pub history site has been about 20 years in the making; the latter site I started in the last few weeks!

The main barrier has been making the sites applicable to web search from mobile phones, the appearance of a site on a desktop PC is very different to that on a mobile phone, and there is very little out there to explain the differences. It is a very closely guarded secret.

I am winning, I think.

The other barrier has been those who are interested in early pub history are generally only interested in a specific address, which makes sense. The site/s are slowly building on the early street directories of London specifically. The site I am working on is the entirety of London in 1832, which is five years before Queen Victoria came to the throne!

This site also includes details from 1842, five years after Victoria was crowned. The site is not only a very early listing in London, it also links to my pub history site, which is absolutely brilliant.




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