Update for Wapping High Street in 1832 and beyond.

I started the day transcribing the relevant parts of the Holden 1811 directory, finishing the letter I and moving slowly to the letter M – this is the surname of the licensee or wine & brandy merchant, etc. etc. I am slowly moving the site earlier, if I can; and particularly in London.

I noticed there seemed to be a pattern of specific streets recurring in this listing, in particular, Wapping High street, for example.

##Although I am now retired with lots of spare time, I rarely have enough to do all I need to do! Up at 8am today, my wife had already left me, to sing with the Gamesmaker choir at the hockey semi-finals at Stratford, she’s home now. Apparently, although England were knocked out by Netherlands in the quarters. Ireland beat Spain today, and are the unexpected finalists on Sunday. My daughter has also been to Brighton to enjoy the gay pride regatta, and also returned. I had a quiet day.

Today, I have  worked through the 1811 Holdens directory, added Wapping High street & Wapping wall street directories for 1832; and updated many other pages, with links etc.

I have found two new (VERY OLD) pubs in Wapping High street, and added them to the site pages.

So, what have I learnt? Well, there were a mass of pubs in Wapping High street in 1832. How many are there now? Not many. How many then? a hell of a lot. Enjoy the site/s.

The point of this post? No idea, but I enjoyed it. And lots more to come.


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