London & early street directories : pre-Victorian

I am working my way backwards on the pub history site by adding a whole host of early London directories. Other areas may follow, but my interest has always been in early London, particularly the eastern side.

As most of my research in London, largely contributed by Stephen Harris, and Ewan of the pubology site, has been of the London pubs back to about 1839; along with a few insurance records from the Access to Archives site. Strangely, I was never a big fan of the 1839 Pigots directory, but more recently, I am an avid reader and transcriber of anything for about this era.

Fairly recently, I have been working through the Holdens directories of about 1805 – these are great, and have lots of licensees and wine & beer & spirit dealers.

I also added about 95% of the 1843 London directory, and nearly complete. This  directory lists the whole of London, although like many of the early directories, there are massive omissions of complete areas.

The early Robsons directories are brilliant, and I use the 1842 directory considerably; whilst the 1841 Post Office directory omits a lot of detail.

Finally onto the current street directory I am working on, it is the Robsons 1832 street directory, e.g. here is the first part of the roads / streets beginning with the letter C.   It is fairly basic in its description of streets, but it does list public houses. This is fairly special for my research.

I am slowly adding the entire directory onto one of my many sites, with links back to the relevant public houses as I find them.

C’est tout.




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