London to France

I really shouldn’t be writing this now, as I have just returned from an excellent couple of weeks in central Brittany, wow. Returning home about 2.30 am to the London area.

What a beautiful place, particularly along the Blavet river / canal. We had a gite overlooking the river, and were impressed with the amazing wildlife which included the siting of an otter family every evening for a whole week. And much more. Gites are also amazing value, and I wish we had tried them out earlier in our lives.

We travelled using the eurotunnel service, which is pretty brilliant occasionally (not very often); but these days always has an added sting. Both our trips to and from France were in the middle of the night, partly for financial reasons, but also because we know the service is pretty shit to most travellers, most of the time.

This was confirmed by the many stories today of six hour waits to get from England to France today, daytime. It made the BBC news two days running and channel four news. Our outbound trip at 2.20 am was held up for two hours for no reason, and I have to say that we will not be using Eurotunnel again, ever. There are no penalties for this company, as there are for general train services, and airlines; but eurotunnel manage to treat the average user indifferently, whilst their premium customers jump to the front of the queue.

The inbound trip tonight was not held up, much, but we were unable to book in earlier if more than two hours before departure. We might as well book a ferry, at least you know when the travel time will be, and at the same price.

I should point out that every time we have travelled with eurotunnel over the past few years ( maybe 5), it has been fraught with difficulties, and always with those who pay a premium getting a far better service, we wasted half a tank of petrol one time, with the endless queues around countless waiting zones organised by the eurotunnel company.

The main upside to this story is that Calais is now starting to look good again. I know the town has had its share of problems with migrant camps etc, but we had a rather excellent meal at a restaurant / bar which is very close to the Hotel de Ville. I am pretty sure it is the Au Calice see trip advisor link. I did not eat, but my wifes meal looked excellent, the service was brilliant. We were just killing time waiting for the famous shite eurotunnel.




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