London pub history and mobile phones

I have spent the last few weeks trying to get round google and their prolific issues with mobile usability on my London pub history site. I do have a mobile phone, but I would rather use a desktop rather than a mobile and / or laptop, it sort of goes over my head a little.

Anyway, as I am struggling with understanding what the issues are according to “google webmaster tools”, and I am getting fed up with all of the morons emailing me who say they can fix me, I thought I would actually try it myself, on a real mobile phone. I have one, it is normally plugged in to recharge the battery, but I have a phone.

First impressions on the pub history site, via mobile, it’s crap – too many adverts! I know they pay for the site, but it is pointless having a site where no one visits. So, these are going shortly. I shall do this now, and then continue with this rather random chat. What I could actually do is add the links to the top level navigation with a drop down, this would probably work.

OK, so a few fixes made, and more tomorrow when I will add all of the Counties into a dropdown menu. I cannot do this at the moment, as I am tired.

So, what has this all to do with London history? WELL, rather a lot. I spend up to 16 hours a day, sometimes more adding new (old) detail to the site about pub history, mostly London; I have a host of sites all linked which follow this same trend. The sites are amazing, I just don’t get the visitors I was hoping for, probably because I cannot write decent articles about a place, but just add additional detail which is amazing.

That’s what I do. BUT, tomorrow, I will revisit the main site, and get it mobile friendly.

And well done England, what a great world cup this is turning out to be.





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