London Pride, history, pubs and womens rights

A lot to cover in one post, but I don’t waffle much. Good luck to the lovely people at London Pride march tomorrow, and much love to you all. A good time to listen to some George Michael.

I am continuing to add sites about London history now I am retired.  a relatively new site is london19 which is actually now posting street directories for 1832, I need to update the title. An example is Holborn Hill in Holborn Hill in 1832; I think my amazing pub history site already covers this, but hey ho.

And women, well I received an email earlier about the Gunmakers Arms, in Old Ford road. In 1915 this closed and was turned into a nursery by Sylvia Pankhurst and the suffragettes.

The good thing is that there is a blue plaque commemorating this important site; it’s a shame they got it on the wrong side of the junction of St Stephens road.

Hey ho.



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