Pub history in London and the home counties

I am currently running a major fix on my web pages due to google mobile friendly campaign which has knocked me off my number one spot for pub history. well, I think this is the reason. I need to find each page with an image included in the code and alter the code a little. I know I could probably write a script to do this, but I do have the time, and it is also very useful to see what actually is on the site/s in regards to content. This site gives an overview on the fix.

I completed Middlesex first, then most of London, Today, I went through all of Sussex and Surrey and latterly Berkshire. WOW! Most of Berkshire was researched for me by Colin Ager, who I have not heard from for some years, and images supplied by others. When the updates used to come in, I struggled to keep up, and did a lot of these in my sleep, usually with a glass of wine on the go.

Well, after re-visiting these pages today, each and every one of them, I have to say I had no idea how brilliant much of it is. That’s it really, what I brilliant site, myself and a whole team of people who have helped me, supplied hundreds of hours of their research and work, and made this an amazing resource for the future.

Obviously, if you just look at random pages, it looks pretty boring; but as the pages continue to grow and blend, and the small facts on the page speak for themselves and intertwine with other pages / pubs the picture starts to emerge of a labrynth of pub history.

I am spending a lot more of my time on the London history of the site now, but as many of the home counties became part of London in 1965, this gives me lots more work to complete, or not, the site will never be complete, it’s just me really. And the crazy hours spent on making additions to the site, adding new pages, fixing the old, tidying the code, answering lots of questions, and occasionally getting a major new contributor to supply masses of old and new images etc etc. The site/s is/are getting there slowly, after about 15 years.

And my wife never complains an iota.

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