Whitechapel, Shoreditch & Bethnal green

Well, I just had to do it. A visit to London has been on the cards for ages. I now have all the time in the world to do this, just not the income at present. So, today, i carefully packed a bag with all essentials, like spare batteries for my camera, etc.

An hour after leaving home, I was in Whitechapel High road; and I spent the day wandering amongst the local communities, taking pictures of pubs, what looked like old pubs, and other interesting landmarks.

I was attempting to use just the off-peak travel, but after about four hours of wandering, I was starting to show signs of strain, i.e. I was completely knackered. I did walk 7.5 miles today, which is good, but compare this with the usual zero miles, you can understand why I was struggling a little.

But, what a brilliant day, and I took 68 photographs, many of which are already on the pub history site. I also have a new site staring soon, london19.com which has been purchased, but not yet running so far.

As an aside, I would like to use this blog to announce the amazing results of my youngest daughter. She studies at Lincoln, a new University, which has just scored an amazing 22nd place in the UK in the latest Guardian league tables – that is pretty damned impressive. It’s also not surprising, as she has just achieved a first in her Mathematics degree. Well done all of you, and thank you.

More tomorrow, including maybe some pictures.

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