London pub history versus London history

The title sounds a little perverse, but true. I have a major pub history site as you probably already know. It has many tens of thousands of pages. It was number one in google for ‘pub history’, Currently I have three sites vying for this position, all in the top ten or eleven, none at number 1.

I do mess about with the sites a lot, and this is one of my downfalls. I upset the google search engine because I messed up the coding for the site upgrade, hey ho. I am busy fixing this by visiting each of the relevant pages and applying a fix. Only another 30,000 pages to go!

But, I am also trying to build the site as a London history site rather than just pub history; this is where it gets a little harder, and maybe part of my current issues? I recently added all of the 1843 London directory, that’s a lot of pages of new data for the site. The local google search engine seems to like the latest additions rather than older pages, and this has affected search results locally, I think. Since this time I have added a hole host of other directory data, and I think I have proved myself correct in last in first out seems to be the norm in search results.

What does this all mean? Well, in regards to pub history, I think I have lost my top spot for a while. And to get a reasonable spot for London history is going to be hard, but again, I do spend rather a lot of time on this. I have a new site about to come online, i.e. which is my next big project – until I get bored and come back to the pub history again.

Enough for now, and Ethel Littlechild would be very proud of me! She’s my grandmother, and very lovely.




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