Brentwood or Whitechapel

As I am now retired, I check my pennies, seriously. I also need some exercise in a good walk or two.

So, tomorrow, I have several options of my own choice. A drive to Brentwood, in which I park somewhere in the vicinity for free, and take a walk. I know Brentwood fairly well, I have driven home through it coming home from Colchester on many occasions, when the A12 is blocked.

The alternative is a visit to London, not all of London, though. For £1.50 you can get a single journey in zones 2-6 when it is out of the busy periods, i.e. after 9.30 and NOT between 4 and 7, I think.

Maybe a wander up Whitechapel High street, or through Mile End. Tomorrow, you will know my choice. On tenterhooks to find out? I am looking forward to my final decision, too.

OK, I did neither of these today. Instead, I spent the day in North Muskham, a small village near to Newark, and in Nottinghamshire; with some quite spectacular results, I think. If you search for this stuff on the internet, there is not much detail.

This should make you laugh, I shat myself. I decided to try Brentwood, cleared my camera data giving me lots of space for lots of pictures. I did experience a few issues with my cheap camera, and after making myself aware of how to set date & time, plus resetting the camera when there were issues with battery problems, I set out for Brentwood.

First stop, Brook street, near to Brentwood & South Weald. I took my first new photograph, and the camera failed. I had forgotten to bring spare batteries. I drove around for a while after this, and particularly through Brentwood. I was not impressed, lots of charity shops & betting shops as befits a failing High street, and pubs. If TOWIE is so big about this town, it does not show itself in their High street. There was certainly nowhere for people to park, except in expensive car parking. NOT impressed.

Off to Whitechapel in the next few days. I am more interested in London, anyway




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