London pub history – updates in 2018

It has been a while since I posted on this London history site. Importantly, it is because I had nothing useful to say.
I run the greatest pub history site that exists, most of its detail covers London; but not all. I also cover all of the home counties, and sporadic details of the South west of the UK; plus bits of the North!
There are rather a large number of pages on the site/s; I am not entirely clear about the numbers, but they are in the region of 50,000 and probably more. Every so often I break the site up, so I have moved the northern part of the site to a separate site – i.e.

I did move other sections, e.g. the south and south west, but these are back in the main site now.

My site costs me money to run, not masses, but at least £40 a month, plus other costs; and I integrate with google ads to cover this cost. I tend to just about cover this cost.

Also, as my sites tend to be in the top ten in google search for the terms ‘pub history’, this meets all my requirements for spending all of this time building the pub history sites.

Until recently, I was number one for pub history in all of the major search engines for lots of reasons. Currently, I struggle with slots 5,6 and about 10. The number 1 slot is filled by a rather useless blog, of a few pages. I want my number one slot back, as I spend my entire life building a pub history of the UK. The site is pub history which is about pub history, mainly in London, and lots of other areas.

Actually, I have now realised that my sites are being trashed by the google search for not being mobile friendly. Part of this is my fault, I instigated a new addition to the site using  bootstrap4 which looks good, but caused me issues. Better documentation would help. I tried this out on my test site

What I did learn was the basic detail I needed to deal with images on web-friendly sites. It is interesting that it is actually quite simple to do this, but hidden behind a lot of jargon; I always look for the simple approach, and I am now attempting to update the 10,000 page which have images on with the small change. Wassah!

Problem is now sorted, just lots of small updates to fix the problem.



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