Pub history in London circa WW2

I run a pub history site, I think that is apparent. In google, I get three of the top spots for pub history, i.e. #1, #2 and #5; well sometimes I do. The sites are very boring to most people, as they just list people who were running a pub, or off licence, or similar. It is actually quite a niche market for those who are researching a specific address or person; and of little interest to the younger generation.

For the older generation, and those who are overseas who are interested in the history of London, I think it is a very useful site. All three of them!

Who cares that the White Hart was later called Lloyds No 1 and other stuff?    And then it was split into Italian restaurants, ice cream bars etc, and a pub too! Why should anyone care? The site is not a current list of pubs for the younger generation, and I doubt will never be. Most modern pubs have been renamed in the past fifteen years, and I have no way of keeping up with this detail.

Going back to the pubs which were open during 1939 to 1945, i.e. the war years; there were many which suffered catastrophic damage throughout the blitz of London and England generally. Some of these public houses, and even entire streets, were razed to the ground; others saw lives lost due to bomb damage, or occupants died in active service etc.

There were a number of pubs which did not make it through world war two; and a host of other properties. How does a pub history site which tends to run out of records about 1944 fulfill the task of adding a meaningful history of London in any sense. Well, I think it does, and in my own small way I record these details hoping it to be of intrinsic use to historians.

Where next?

Well, with this tremendous resource at my finger tips, and the random street directory listings on the sites, and my love of the history of London; this London History blog will now begin to build a vast resource of descriptive pages as how best to research the history of London, through pubs, streets and their respective names through the ages, etc etc.



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