Havering riverside

One of my first trips out, as soon as the weather improves, will be to the Havering riverside. This is near to Rainham, and alongside the River Thames. I am a big fan of rivers, but this is a bit different. It has quite an interesting history, and of most interest is the Three Crowns which was an old public house by the ferry. This map is from Careys survey around London in 1817, you can see Rainham Ferry between the words Rainham marsh.
That’s right, there was once a ferry, and a beach where East Londoners would come for day trips, a bit like Southend now. I am not absolutely sure when the pub ceased trading, but I have it recorded until at least 1937; and I am sure I have a modern picture, but this will have to wait until I visit fairly soon.

Here is an earlier picture of the pub and the ferry:

There is also the RSPB site nearby on Rainham marshes. Not quite of interest to myself, but is in the vicinity.


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